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We love cool prints here at Coolector HQ and the thought of creating our own isn’t really something that we’d considered previously (as we assumed a whole printing studio would be required) but having stumbled across an awesome Kickstarter project called The Slate Press Machine, it would certainly appear that the process of making your own prints at home has just got a step closer.

The Slate Press Machine is described as a desktop-sized, high performance automated press that creates professional quality prints and if that is something that you like the sound of, you need to head over to Kickstarter and throw your support behind this cracking project. This awesome device is a distinctly modern take on the letterpress machine and will let those of an artistic persuasion create their own superb pieces of art simply and effectively.

Easy to use and designed with all printing level skills in mind, the Slate Press Machine allows you to create professional quality prints in a matter of minutes. Significantly reducing the weight of a conventional letterpress machine and taking it into your workspace, the Slate Press Machine is going to appeal to an awful lot of designers out there and you can check out a few more shots below:

[vimeo width=”750″ height=”450″][/vimeo]








If you love letterpress and brilliant pieces of design and have always hankered over doing your own designs and creations, the Slate Press Machine on Kickstarter should certainly resonate with you. A great piece of design and somewhat of a technical marvel, we’re loving this excellent bit of gadgetry here at Coolector HQ.

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