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New York is, it’s fair to say, home to say stand out designers in all walks of life and this is becoming increasingly true so far as watchmaking is concerned – a fact that is borne out by a new series of timepieces that have just come to our attention here at Coolector HQ that go by the name of Great George Watches and, as you’ll soon see, they are very suitably monikered.

Great George Watches dare to think outside the box a little and have admirable aim of delivering eye-catching watches that are made from quality materials but are set at an obtainable price-point. The stand out design feature with Great George timepieces is the fact they do away with the traditional circular watch face and opt for a more unusual square offering which is definitely to our liking here at The Coolector.

These fantastic looking watches take design inspiration from Bauhaus art movement principles and utilise quality Swiss movements to provide a highly accurate, top performing watch that is dripping in sartorial style.

With 100% interchangeable leather straps and super cool concrete packaging, these amazing Great George watches, which are currently funding over on Kickstarter, are certainly going to tick all the horology boxes for today’s modern gent. Check out a few more shots of these cracking timepieces below:







The decidedly minimalist design aesthetic of Great George watches is something that is right up our street here at Coolector HQ and their excellent components and quality materials makes them a standout timepiece in our mind and one that is already beginning to cause considerable waves over on Kickstarter.

With a great level of customisation available and a super cool design, we’re sure that there is going to be plenty of watch fans clambering to get their hands on one of these Great George watches and there is still time to pick one up for a bargain price over on Kickstarter.

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