Smokestack Outdoor Firepit

Sometimes you come across an item that aesthetically speaking is just cool. Here at The Coolector HQ we’re experiencing that right now with the Smokestack Outdoor Firepit. Usually with something like this there’s baggage in the form of an immense back-story, and true to form the inspiration is Dutch industrial chimneys from inventor Frederik Roije’s youth.

Created in his native Holland, Roije has used a hybrid of innate Dutch creativeness and 30’s made U.S steel copper, to create this handsome hipster masterpiece. Coated with a protective oxide film, you can also look forward to a coppery hue decoration that gives off an old-school hippy decoration once that fire starts burning. Absolutely perfect for those dusky summer evenings, at The Coolector we’re thinking marshmallows in one hand, with Southern Comfort in the other?

Not stopping at firepits, Roije also has form in other areas of design with Coolector favourites being the Treasure Table, Breed Retreat, and Hall of Flame. For further insight on Frederik Roije’s designs checkout his website listed below.



If you’re looking for something to tart up the garden this spring/summer, then ditch those boring cast iron chimnea’s, and look no further than this dapper Dutch creation.

Available: A Plus Store

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