Snake Bite Church Key & Bottle Opener

Seldom does a moment go by when we’re not thinking about a cracking open a craft ale here at Coolector HQ and, as a result of this booze preoccupation, we’re invariably on the lookout for awesome implements for the liberation of our grog and this bought us well and truly to the door of the brilliant looking Snake Bite Church Key & Bottle Opener which is currently being funded over on Kickstarter.

There is plenty to appreciate with the Snake Bite Church Key and Bottle Opener from St. Louis based, Snake Bite Company, who make each of their implements by hand and take things back to the good old days of opening your beverage. The highly attractive accessory has already exceeded its target over on Kickstarter and this is testament to the high regard that this striking looking device is held.

Boasting an attractive leather wrap, the Snake Bite opener is 100% sourced and made in the United States and is crafted from highly durable materials so it definitely won’t let you down from a performance point of view. Check out a few shots of this top class implement below:





If you’re after a new pocket ally for making short work of opening any type of beer, the awesome looking Snake Bite Bottle Opener will tick all of the right boxes from a functionality and awesomeness point of view. Brilliantly conceived, made by hand in the USA and extremely durable, it is little wonder that it has already knocked its funding target out of the ball park and we will definitely be endeavouring to get our hands on one of these spiffing implements sooner rather than later.

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