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We eat and drink an awful lot here at Coolector HQ, certainly more than we should, and for that reason, we invariably keep our eyes open for any first rate art or typography that sings to our love of all things food and drink and we’ve definitely found some in the form of these excellent Honey + Salt Prints.

The series of artwork is entitled “Eat Your Words” and is a celebration of the wondrous turns of phrase that are to be heard in America’s Deep South in relation to their love of food and drink which seems to be largely akin to our own. The prints are a collaboration between a food critic and artist by the name of Sarah Baird and a New Orleans based letterpress company called Baskerville and I think you’ll join us in agreeing the end result is pretty awesome. Check out a few more shots of these prints below:





Though we couldn’t be much further from the Deep South truth be told, it is definitely an area of America that appeals and as it’s well known for its culinary capabilities, these great looking prints are going to resonate with plenty of people. We’ve a love of vintage style typography here at Coolector HQ and these spiffing prints from Honey + Salt unquestionably satisfy this proclivity. If you’re after something that will look great in the kitchen, we dare say that these first rate prints will more than fit the bill.

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