SNAP! 6 Phone Case

If you’re too proud for the selfie stick and you’re looking for a means for making photo taking with your iPhone 6 then you might just want to investigate adding one of these rather awesome looking SNAP! 6 Phone Cases from BitPlay to your phone.

Billed as being the easiest way of snapping a photo with your iPhone 6 or Plus, the SNAP! 6 Phone Case has an intuitive design that makes it considerably more simple to capture photographs quickly and easily by making the interface much more like a conventional camera.

With a hands-free strap and built in shutter button, this clever little case isn’t revolutionary by any stretch of the imagination but it is definitely worthy of merit for the additional functionality it provides for your iPhone 6 in making capturing photos that bit simpler.

A stylish and ergonomic case that doesn’t dramatically alter the look and feel of your iPhone 6, the SNAP! 6 Phone Case is definitely going to appeal to those who want their smartphone to have the same level of functionality as a traditional camera. Check out some more shots below:






20141029_grey_01_1024x1024 SNAP_6_studio_shot_handle_01_827bbba1-9bdd-487d-9621-8b8c9e16a9b1_1024x1024

If you’ve got an iPhone 6 and have hitherto being struggling with your picture taking and crying out for a case that helps to remedy this, the great looking SNAP!6 Phone Case from BitPlay might just be the thing you’ve been waiting for. Functional, hard-wearing and stylish, this cracking case will likely find its way onto plenty of iPhone 6 devices in the not too distant future.

Price: $45

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