Wingback Black Steel Collection

As you’re likely aware, we’re pretty partial to classy EDC here at The Coolector and one of our favourite brands in this regard has always been the guys at UK design studio, Wingback. Their latest release – the pleasingly stealthy looking Black Steel Collection – is funding over on Kickstarter as we speak and consists of an array of personalised everyday essentials with a tungsten carbide surface that’s 3.5x harder than titanium.

Made in the UK, the Wingback Black Steel Collection on Kickstarter consists of a Mechanical Pen, 100ml Hip Flask and Key Cache which are designed to epitomise the values of carrying functional, quality wares with you day in, day out. They are each crafted in England and made from stainless steel, and designed to enhance your everyday carry in every conceivable manner.

Ramp Up The Calibre Of Your EDC

Each element of the Black Steel Collection from Wingback is dripping with quality and will add a touch of class to your EDC line up. The Key Cache stores an emergency banknote and will fit discreetly on your key ring. The Mechanical pen is a wide diameter, balanced ball point which is designed to reduce fatigue while writing. Last but not least, the travel-friendly 100ml Hip Flask is a modern, versatile alternative to a traditional hip flask that we’re loving here at Coolector HQ given our penchant for a tipple or two.

Aesthetically speaking, the Wingback Black Steel rivals the exotic look of Damascus steel or titanium, with a sub-metallic lustre that shows off a glimmer of the steel beneath the surface. But it doesn’t just catch the eye. Wingback’s Black Steel finish also serves a vital purpose in protecting your pen, flask and key cache for the long haul. With prices for the full set of EDC essentials starting at £225 (a saving of over £150 on the final price) during the Kickstarter, make sure you move quickly so as not to miss out on this one.

These great looking pieces from Wingback will be scratch resistant to virtually anything you will put in your pocket and the parts should never need to be maintained, let alone replaced. They’ll work just as well for you today as they would for a grandchild who may come to inherit your EDC collection in the decades to come. This tangible sense of quality will set these pieces apart from the crowd in your EDC line up.

Personalised Products

After the machining process, each of these ace looking EDC products can be laser engraved with a personal inscription, on the base of the 100ml Hip and Key Cache, and along the barrel of the Mechanical Pen. All you need to do is pick your reward on the Kickstarter campaign and you will be able to add your inscription in the survey after the campaign finishes.

We’ve been following the guys at Wingback for years now and have always been left impressed by the quality of their EDC goods but this Black Steel Collection might just be our favourite to date. Superb UK craftsmanship combines with a genuinely functional performance and unparalleled style to make these an essential addition to any man’s EDC line up. Head on over to Kickstarter now to grab yours for a bargain price.

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