Snap Inc Spectacles

It seemed to have passed us by but it would appear Snapchat is now known, at least in a business sense, as Snap Inc and, to celebrate this transition, they’re about to release a product that is definitely going to appeal to fans of the app – Snap Inc Spectacles. Permit us to explain…

Snap Inc Spectacles are sunglasses made for the technology driven generation and allows you to record 10 second videos with a simple tap of the frame close to the hinges. To tone down the creepiness, the light on the front of the glasses is illuminated when you’re recording your 10 second videos so you won’t be capturing your friends too unaware with your recordings.

Snapchat has achieved more or less global domination now so it stands to reason that they would begin producing products like these super cool looking Spectacles to solidify their grip. Take a look at a few more shots below:





These Spectacles from Snap Inc will be available in three different colours, recharge in their carry case and will sync wirelessly to your smartphone and store the videos you take in your Snapchat Memories. If you’re somewhat of an addict of the phenomenally successful Snapchat App, you’ll likely want to get your hands on a pair of these when they hit the shelves.

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Leo Davie