Taylor Stitch Drop Point Knife

We love a sharp blade here at The Coolector, and we’ve written about plenty. Whether it’s a keychain pocket knife, or a classic wooden-handled all-purpose cutter, we’ll have a stab at writing about it – I won’t apologise for that one. Recently, American outdoor goods manufacturers, Taylor Stitch, released their version of, something that every outdoor enthusiast should own (responsible outdoor enthusiast, I might add): the pocket knife. Its uses extend beyond just stabbing stuff, to things like crafting a spear, or, cutting food – or, perhaps more importantly, saving your life.

Investing in good gear is something we stand by here at Coolector HQ; you really do get what you pay for, and when buying a blade, you should never scrimp. The Drop Point Knife from Taylor Stitch is exemplary and indicative of their fine craftsmanship. We’ve seen it countless times before with their already impressive wardrobe of goods; from shirts and shoes to jackets and bags, everything Taylor Stitch creates is a thing of beauty, and we love beautiful.

Fix Up, Look Sharp

The Drop Point Knife’s clean and classic appearance is made up by a steadfast and shiny brass handle, consisting of two brass plates that sandwich a steel core, which features an intricately applied Taylor Stitch logo; a highly corrosion-resistant stainless-steel blade, solid brass thumb stud, and liner lock.

When closed, it measures around four inches, so it’ll sit perfectly in your pocket or an interior rucksack pouch – there’s a solid clip on the handle, too, for those of you cool enough to hang it from your denim. When it’s open and ready to use, the Drop Point Knife from Taylor Stitch expands to around seven inches long, with three inches of sharp stainless-steel ready for action; ample for any outdoor adventure. 

Most of the products we write about here on The Coolector, are well designed, made and packaged, highlighting the manufacturers’ diligence and eye for detail at every step of the creation process. Everything is considered and that certainly is the case for the Drop Point Knife. It’s presented in a beautiful box featuring some artwork akin to the Taylor Stitch brand, and reminiscent of those old, weathered maps we so often associate with adventure and history, sat right next to the included 150 grit sharpening stone.

Adventure Ready Accessory

Taylor Stitch have, once again, excelled with this knife, and for anyone looking to invest in an heirloom for their loved one, the Drop Point Knife should be considered. To put it bluntly, it’s a brilliant piece of kit and we’re always impressed when Taylor Stitch gravitate outside out of their apparel norm.

This cracking bit of kit is available now over on the Taylor Stitch website, but, as it’s part of a small batch manufacturing run, it’s limited in quantity (but certainly not quality) – so be sure to go check it out before it’s too late.

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