Social Citizen Sweat Free Social Tee – No More Underarm Sweat Stains

Sweating is something that all men will experience on a daily basis and finding apparel that deals with it in an understated and, more importantly, effective way isn’t always straightforward. But you’ve just found an essential addition to your wardrobe rotation in the shape of these Social Tees from Social Citizen if you’ve ever had an issue with sweating and they expertly tally style with performance.

The mission of Social Citizen is to help you feel confident again in the clothing that you wear. Social Citizen T-Shirts have sweat-proof technology cleverly hidden in the underarm of the shirt which means no more sweat stains on hot days and a more confident you every day. Priced at $39, the Social Tee is designed to be fashionable, comfortable and deliver a huge confidence boost to those who struggle with their underarm sweat stains.

No Sweat…Literally

Billed as the only sweat-proof product on the market that looks like a regular T-Shirt, it’s easy to see why these are already flying off Social Citizen’s digital shelves. Want to know how they do it? It’s devilishly simple yet clever as The Social Tee has hidden pads in each underarm of the shirt. Each pad is thin and adjustable for your additional comfort.

This means that you can say goodbye to sweat stains and the innovative sweat-proof pad on The Social Tee consists of three layers of protection:

  1. Water Resistant Layer – The first layer of the pad feels like traditional T-Shirt material with the intention of enhancing your daily comfort levels.
  2. Absorbent Layer – This is where the Social Tee really comes into its own. Social Citizen’s special materials expand to absorb water to stop it from reaching the exterior of the shirt.
  3. Waterproof Layer – No sweat stains can get past this layer. Some of the thinnest waterproof fabrics to exist are utilised in this layer as a final stopping point for the remaining sweat.

Social Citizen makes the only T-Shirt on the market that stops those annoying sweat stains in a stylish way that doesn’t get in the way of your outfit choices. You can say goodbye to undershirts, say goodbye to anxiety about sweat stains and enjoy your day to day adventures without having to think about the mercury rising in the thermometer.

Comfort Meets Performance

The Social Tee from Social Citizen is one of the most fashionable T-Shirts for your winter wardrobe rotation and, better still, it is chock full with special technology in the underarm that completely eliminates sweat stains allowing you to feel more confident and comfortable in any given situation.

Priced at a thoroughly reasonable $39, every man could probably do with one of these Social Tees in their life and they currently come in three different colours – white, dark grey and black – so you’ll be able to find the one that best fits in with your own style aesthetic. Banish sweat stains to history with this great-looking, impeccably crafted piece of apparel. Two thumbs up from us here at The Coolector.

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