Soft Shelf

Interior design isn’t something we profess to being accomplished at here at Coolector HQ but we certainly know when we like a piece of design and this excellent Soft Shelf from Ruder Novak-Mikulic has left us impressed with its intuitive features and striking aesthetics.


Shelving has the capacity to add a whole new dimension, literally, to your interior design endeavours so finding the right sort of shelves for your home is a must. If you’ve got a sort of retro aesthetic going on, you’ll probably join us in loving these exceptional Soft Shelves, with their understated finish and versatile functionality.

Versatile Solution

Furniture today has to be versatile to be successful because it is so affordable nowadays that if it isn’t performing the function that we demand, it is easily replaceable. This Soft Shelf concept design from Ruder Novak-Mikulic is definitely the sort of solution that we’d look for with our storage requirements here at Coolector HQ and for anyone looking for stylish and functional means of displaying their wares, these great looking shelves are going to do a first rate job.



Though they’re not currently a product that is available for purchase, the Soft Shelf design has a lot of potential and the fact they can be deployed in a whole host of different ways is going to make them infinitely appealing to those working in the fields of interior design and architecture.


A shelf has the ability to transform a room and the various different ways in which these Soft Shelf pieces have been designed presents an abundance of interior ideas that will all look great courtesy of the considered and well thought our design. We love the understated, rounded features of the Soft Shelf at Coolector HQ and doubt that we’re alone in the love of the aesthetics.

Delightful Design

The Soft Shelf is designed in six different types of wood – oak, walnut, maple, elm, cherry and pear – with a variety of natural finishes so you would be able to pick the type that best fits your own interior design aesthetic. With such a well conceived design and excellent materials used in their construction, it is only a matter of time before these are available to purchase commercially and we’ll definitely be after some here at Coolector HQ.


We’re big fans of clever furniture design at The Coolector and the Soft Shelf definitely falls into that category. Stylish, understated and supremely functional, it’s exactly the sort of piece that would go wonderfully well in almost any type of property and it’s hard not to be impressed with the creativity and versatility of the design.

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