Simon Stålenhag Art Autumn 2016

You should, given how we’ve done so in the past, take it as a given that whenever the supremely talented Swedish artist, Simon Stålenhag produces new artwork, we’re going to feature it on the pages of The Coolector because, quite frankly, it’s our favourite artwork out there right now.


Simon Stålenhag is an artist that will need no introduction if you’re a regular reader of The Coolector as this must be approaching double figures that we’ve featured his artwork now but for those new to the site or the artist, he is a Swedish illustrator who specialises in crafting jaw-dropping, expansive landscapes which are at once retro and strangely futuristic at the same time to deliver a jarring aesthetic which never fails to resonate with us at The Coolector.

Stark Landscapes

There’s no denying there is something slightly haunting about the artwork of Stålenhag and the vast landscapes that he typically paints are always juxtaposed with something that looks as though it doesn’t belong there. His vision and creativity is unparalleled in our opinion and we just don’t know how he continues to come up with new ideas and concepts so consistently here at Coolector HQ.



With the general theme of the artwork seeming to point to some technological uprising that has lay dormant for some time, it’s mesmerising the amount of detail that Simon Stålenhag manages to shoe-horn into every piece that he creates and wherever you look on the canvas, there will be a well-thought out stroke of the paintbrush that adds to the visual appeal – and mystery – of the overall image.


We’ve been following Stålenhag’s artwork for over three years now and the speed at which he produces pieces and the unerring quality that he achieves every time is nothing short of astounding. For those of you that like your artwork a touch dystopian with more than a hint of technological mystery, then this is definitely the artist for you.

Inimitable Style

It is a sign of a great artist that you can immediately tell their artwork a mile away and it’s fair to say that Stålenhag has truly carved himself a niche all of his own with his on-going series of familiar yet mysterious artwork and we’re never going to grow tired of it because it is so infused with style and creativity.


Whilst it’s true that we should perhaps be looking for new artists to enjoy here at The Coolector, this isn’t easy because we always find ourselves gravitating back to the talented Swede’s website and he never disappoints because, whenever we do, there is always new pieces of artwork to be enjoyed.

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