Sond Watch by Void

Watches are wares we certainly appreciate here at Coolector HQ and whether they be the five-figure offerings from the likes of Audemars Piguet and Zenith or a classic Casio timepiece, all we ask is they have something about them that sets them apart from the norm.

Well, with this in mind, we’ve certainly had our eyebrows raised by an interesting looking timepiece that goes by the name of Sond by Void which ticks our unusual boxes by having a frame that is injection moulded in one single piece.

In addition to its unusual design, the Sond watch also boasts a unique locking mechanism that uses the watch face itself to secure it to the nylon strap. A Sond watch boasts just three components – the watch case, the nylon strap and the silicone fitting loops – so it’s not overly laden with moving components with which to trouble yourself. It is merely a functional, eye-catching and affordable watch for those who want a top notch timepiece for 2014.

sond void


Void watches are the work of Swedish designer, David Ericsson, and the Sond is the latest collection in their impressive array of timepieces and we here at The Coolector are certainly fans of the minimalist feel of this spiffing watch.

The design of Void watches relies heavily on Scandinavian design traditions and makes uses of materials often found in architecture. For those who are after a genuinely interesting and cool timepiece in 2014, you’ll find many of your boxes ticked by the Sond watch by Void and the fact you can pick it up for under £100 makes it appeal still further.

Price: £60 approx

Available: Void Watches

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