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With the dawn of digital downloads and MP3 players, the humble CD is somewhat of a lost medium and, in the eyes of The Coolector, this is a shame because we loved getting our hands on CDs back in the day. It’s high time that steps were taken to help redress the balance and make the love of music more palpable in this digital age. It appears that we are not alone in this desire to see the renaissance of the CD and this excellent “Songs That Adorn Walls” project by Brazilian art director and musician, Gabriel Gariba is testament to this fact.

This top drawer design project was dreamt up with the intention of bringing the tired CD format into the 21st century and transform it into a decorative objective – a fact which gives it additional functionality and purpose in a world dominated by digital downloads. Not content with releasing a set of eye-catching frames capable of housing and playing your CDs, Gariba has also released an EP with 5 tracks, with each track having its own individually designed CD and frame. A highly original idea that will hopefully thrust CDs back into the limelight and get consumers thinking about their music collection in a new way and cherishing their physical tracks as opposed to having everything available online and at the touch of a button. Take a look at this cracking project in action below:


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