Editorial Plague Culture Cards


Vietnam is, without question, one of the most hauntingly beautiful countries in the world and though their history is littered with turmoil and loss, it is important to celebrate their heritage and I can quite honestly say I’ve not seen anyone do it any better than Editorial Plague with their exceptional Culture Cards which are currently being showcased on Kickstarter.

This Transformers set of playing from Editorial Plague is billed as a Vietnam love story in 54 acts and each individual card has a snippet of information that is related to the Southeast Asian country in some way and they are wonderfully designed and presented in a visually appealing way.

These Transformer Culture Cards have been designed to be both minimalist and ambidextrous in nature i.e. are equally as suited to both left and right handers and this collector’s edition set on Kickstarter (which runs until the end of September) is printed on 350 gsm matte finish card stock and made by hand in New York City. Feast your eyes on these wonderfully creative playing cards below:


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