&SONS Club Shirt

Summer is upon us and, if you’re anything like us at The Coolector, you’ll want to ramp up your short sleeve options in the next few weeks. There are few better candidates for the role than these awesome looking &SONS Club Shirts. Available in an Off-White and Navy variety, there is a real sense of old school cool to this shirt which make it a go-to piece for your summer wardrobe rotation in the coming months.

The &SONS Club Shirt has a price tag £95 and will add a real touch of class to your outfit choices this summer. The &SONS style palette is diverse with inspiration being drawn from every era of style. There is a distinct 50s vibe to the Club Shirt as this was the epitome of classic, timeless styles when the world was introduced to high waisted trousers, sports jackets and the iconic bowling shirt. If you after a mid-century style aesthetic, this is definitely the shirt for you.

Old School Cool

Leaving the workplace behind, men in the 50’s desired a new look when they returned home. Grey, 3 piece suits were hung up and replaced with more visually vibrant, comfortable leisurewear with sharp, crisp lines. The bowling shirt could be worn open or dressed with a pair of smart trousers and came in new and exciting colours and patterns, including Hawaiian prints. This Club Shirt from &SONS is a nod to this golden age of fashion.

The &SONS Club Shirt (£95) is a real style favourite of ours here at The Coolector and it’s easy to see why it is one of the UK menswear brand’s most popular pieces. This devilishly dapper offering is a contemporary take on this classic design and, with the &SONS trademark fabrics, colours and details, the finished product really does look a million dollars. 

It looks great when it is paired with &SONS’s Virgil Chinos and our Elder Raw Henley or a simple vest underneath so it’s a mighty versatile apparel that is sure to get plenty of outings this summer. These styles have stood the test of time and still feature in collections from every corner of the fashion landscape and with pieces like this &SONS Club Shirt, it’s not hard to see why this is the case.

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