&SONS RYDER Hardwear Denim Jacket

We’ve all got cornerstone pieces in our wardrobe rotation. The ones we reach for more regularly and those that become a mainstay of our outfit choices. For us, it’s brands like &SONS that always force themselves into this bracket with their awesome line up of menswear and their latest offering, the &SONS RYDER Hardwear Denim Jacket is another fine example of the sort of thing we’re talking about.

The &SONS RYDER Hardwear Denim Jacket has a price tag of £195 which is entirely reasonable for a denim jacket of this considerable calibre. A denim jacket truly is a style staple and no man’s closet is complete without one in our opinion. If you demand nothing but the best, this &SONS RYDER Hardwear Denim Jacket will tick all of the right boxes.

Devilishly Dapper Denim

&SONS are synonymous with dapper apparel and this fantastic looking RYDER Hardwear Denim Jacket is billed as being for the rambler, the gambler, and midnight Ryder. Whoever we are, it’s fair to say that our clothing defines us, it binds us together and it should be built to withstand all that life brings us – and that’s exactly what you get with this majestic piece of outerwear from one of our favourite brands, &SONS.

The RYDER Denim Jacket (£195) is a result of nearly 200 years of history, from the early Pioneers in the Gold Rush right through to the modern-day man. Each is design to tell a story through their craft and influencing cultures along the way. These stories gave &SONS inspiration as a brand and lead them to come up with glorious garments that will one day tell their own story. Battle scars and fades are collected are like trophies, worn with pride.

Crafted from a high-quality fabric, with some movement and stretch and a slightly lengthier cut than your conventional denim jacket. By introducing pockets to the main body of the jacket, &SONS were able to lengthen the cut so it is more like a Chore. The lengthened cut delivers an aesthetically superior silhouette and can be worn like a shirt, or as a top layer for warmer months.

Impeccable Attention to Detail

Something that really sets the gear from &SONS apart from the crowd is their attention to detail in the design and that really comes to the fore with the RYDER Hardwear Denim Jacket. It carries over the pencil pocket, triple stitching, and double buttons cuffs from the canvas RYDER and &SONS have introduced yellow stitching and nickel buttons to contrast with the indigo denim.

At £195, the RYDER Hardwear Denim Jacket from &SONS is exceptional value and for any man looking for a versatile piece of outerwear (which can even double as a shirt) for their spring / summer wardrobe, you’ve found the ideal candidate with this one. Visually superior, made from the finest quality materials and boasting &SONS signature vintage vibes – this is another home run from one of our favourite British menswear brands here at Coolector HQ.

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