Netflix x Bitoy Narcos Toy Project

Of all the boxsets that we’re currently bingeing on here at Coolector HQ, Narcos is unquestionably one of our favourites so we were delighted to stumble across this great Netflix x Bitoy Narcos Toy Project which celebrates the awesomeness of the show wonderfully well.

The Netflix x Bitoy Narcos Toy Project is a reimagining of Pablo Escobar’s escapades and supplants the cocaine kingpin into the hustle and bustle of Taiwan, taking in an abundance of the most famous attractions such as Taipei 101, Sun-Moon Lake, night market and the incense-chocked, Zhenglan Temple.

Narcos is a fantastically well crafted show and amongst Netflix’s finest and this great collaboration with Bitoy is a celebration of the programme and larger than life character. Check out a few more shots of Escobar’s Taiwan travels below:








For any other fans of Narcos out there, of which we’re sure there are many, this fun, brilliantly conceived project will be right up your street. Whilst we’re all well aware of how Escobar met his demise, it doesn’t make it any less appealing to contemplate the Columbian cartel lynchpin supplanted into unusual destinations such as Taiwan.

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