Sony Never Before Seen Series

Sony are a brand that need no introduction, of course, and the calibre of their wares speaks for itself so it is perhaps not surprising to learn that when they’ve new products ready for the market, they are prepared to think a little outside of the box when it comes to making them known – so, it proves to be with their new Action Cam because they commissioned filmmakers all over the world to create a series entitled Never Before Seen.

This extraordinary series of videos from Sony and the three filmmakers that they’ve chosen –  Studio Nos, Charles Young and Ryan Dzierzek – really capture the not inconsiderable prowess of the new Action Cam from Sony and for any aspiring filmmakers it definitely looks to be a superb choice of apparatus.

Sony will continue to release films in the series over the next few months but, if the first three that they’ve released are anything to go by, they’re undoubtedly going to be worth the wait. You can check out the three films – entitled “Picture Machine”, “Paperports” and “Creature” – below:

As you can see, creativity positively abounds in each of these short movies and it is genuinely interesting to us here at Coolector HQ to see how Sony’s Action Cam has been deployed in each of the films.

Finding skilled and creative talents to utilise their new technology clearly won’t be a problem for Sony and we can’t wait to see what else emerges from this fantastic Never Before Seen series of short films. A really great way to promote filmmaking talent whilst simultaneously showcasing the massively impressive capabilities of their own latest piece of technology.

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