SOUNDBOKS Bluetooth Performance Speaker

Let’s face it, when it comes to speakers, not all devices are born equal. Some are destined for greatness and have exceptional performance and audio prowess. One such offering that well and truly resides at the top table in the audio arena is that of the SOUNDBOKS Bluetooth Performance Speaker which is new and improved and will, quite possibly, elevate your listening enjoyment to whole new levels of awesomeness. This latest release from the audio specialists is unlike any other speaker in the world and any SOUNDBOKS that has gone before it. That should tell you all you need to know about how excellent it is.

Beautifully loud, wirelessly pairable, amazingly robust, surprisingly lightweight and the only wireless speaker with a swappable battery, it’s easy to see why the new SOUNDBOKS Bluetooth Performance Speaker is positively flying off the shelves and into the homes of audiophiles the world over. Capable of breaking the barriers of sound, this speaker has a no-nonsense aesthetic and when you fire it up for the first time, you’ll wonder where this sound has been all your life. And perhaps most pleasing, it can all be yours for the mighty reasonable price of just $999.

Unbeatable Performance 

Needless to say, we’ve all listened to music in our homes but chances are it won’t ever have sounded quite as good as what you get with the SOUNDBOKS Bluetooth Performance Speaker. It delivers custom clarity from their specially designed sound profile and a real power up to 126 dB with no distortion. It is a performance ready speaker and comes with mic and instrument inputs that are extremely easy to set up and start performing. The TeamUp functionality allows you to sync up with four other SOUNDBOKS that are within range to provide an audio treat that will blow your mind.

Wonderfully versatile, the SOUNDBOKS Performance Speaker ($999) will play music from any of your devices and if you’ve got concerns about battery life, you needn’t have. This fantastic piece of audio apparatus is the only speaker on the market that has a swappable battery which can be changed in an instant to make sure the music doesn’t stop. This is an insanely efficient piece of equipment with the best, longest lasting bass performance and amazingly smart cells which effectively manage themselves and ensure that this speaker never lets you down whatever the adventure.

The New SOUNDBOKS breaks through the limitations of conventional speakers on the market to take your music and your listening experience to their full potential. Supremely wireless and absolutely limitless. Insanely durable and made to move with you, the SOUNDBOKS Bluetooth Performance Speaker will be the new soundtrack to your life. Not to mention, it is the only Bluetooth speaker with swappable battery that can last 40 hours on a single charge. The New SOUNDBOKS breaks through the noise and has an advanced amplifier system, groundbreaking Pulse Reflex port and huge frequency range, it’s designed to sound amazing in any environment. It connects in seconds to Bluetooth, SKAA, XLR, 1⁄4” and 1⁄8” signals.

Perfect Portability

Despite its size, the SOUNDBOKS Performance Speaker is effortlessly portable and will be right by your side wherever your adventures take you. Take it on the slopes, to the beach, on a boat or to Mt. Kilimanjaro (the guys at SOUNDBOKS actually have). It lets you create an outdoor, wireless, 5-way sound system in seconds and the audio quality it delivers really is second to none. Play your music outside the typical clubs, venues and conventions. Break through the barriers of sound and experience music like never before. This is what a performance speaker sounds like. 

Available for $999, the SOUNDBOKS Bluetooth Performance Speaker obviously represents a bit of an investment but you’re investing in quality and the sound, visual and functional performance of this audio apparatus is unparalleled. This old school looking device has a thoroughly contemporary performance and for anyone looking for the ultimate in listening pleasure in 2019 and beyond, you’ll be hard pressed to find a better option than this anywhere on the market.

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