Soxy Socks

With Christmas right around the corner, it goes without saying that a lot of socks are going to be purchased over the next few weeks so you might as well make them the best socks in the business so they’ll actually be a well received gift come Christmas morning. Well, that’s where the guys at Soxy come in with their eye-catching line up of socks which are perfectly suited to the extroverts out there who like to turn heads with their fashion choices.

Soxy are a brand that are all about making a statement and they achieve this through creating some of the most visually impactful socks that you’re likely to encounter. For those with a love of vibrant fashion accessories, they are unquestionably a brand that needs to be on your radar and the offer a stellar line up to choose from if you’re looking for some perfect stocking fillers this Christmas period.

Best Foot Forward

It goes without saying that socks aren’t the most exciting of fashion accessories but Soxy aim to put paid to that by doing away with the everyday, boring designs and delivering socks a good deal more vibrant and eye-catching. Leading the revolution against conformity, the great looking socks from Soxy are going to resonate with those who dare to be different. No matter your personal style, Soxy socks will help express your unique individuality, whilst adding a touch of flare to any outfit.

The great line up of socks from Soxy come in a number of different varieties from more classic styles to the “Wild” collection which is chock full of bold, vibrant pairs that will liven up any outfit. With single pairs starting from $12 and going up to $55 for bundle packages, you’ll be able to find the perfect pair whether it be for you or as a gift for a loved one this Christmas. The superb socks from Soxy dare to go beyond the boring blacks, whites, and greys that so many people wear by default when it comes to socks, and venture into the land of patterns, colours, and wonder.

For those who have a natural penchant for standing out and need the ideal line up of socks in which to achieve this, Soxy is certainly the brand for you. Whether it’s their themed socks with various patterns from the world of sport, holidays and food or their supremely striking Wild line up of socks filled with bold patterns and colour choices, there is something for everyone here and to suit every budget to boot. Socks are often the sort of thing that you buy without thinking about it but Soxy put the pleasure into purchasing this everyday accessory.

Brothers in Arms 

Founded by two brothers who’ve seen things differently from an early age, Soxy are proud to say they’ve seen things differently ever since. They are a bunch of dreamers that set out on a mission to generate 1,000,000 compliments about their wonderfully eye-catching selection of socks and, from what we’ve seen here at Coolector HQ, they’re likely well on the way to achieving that because this is definitely one of the coolest line ups of socks we’ve encountered to date.

With prices ranging from $12 to $55, these great looking socks from Soxy really are the ideal stocking filler present this Christmas and they also boast other strings to their bow in the shape of shoes and belts as well so if you’re looking for the ultimate gift bundle this festive period, you can get it all in one place with Soxy. And that’s a real win, win in our book at Coolector HQ.

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