Teph Inlet Residence

When it comes to architecture, we’re typically fans of properties that are bathed in natural light here at Coolector HQ and that’s something which will be abundant in the great looking Teph Inlet Residence from Omar Gandhi Architect. This magnificent looking structure is situated in Nova Scotia and boasts majestic views of the coastline through its many, carefully thought out, windows and viewing points.

The Teph Inlet Residence from Omar Gandhi Architect is one mighty fine piece of architecture which adds a contemporary touch to the uncompromising Nova Scotia coastline. This superb piece of design has a very modern aesthetic that is sure to appeal to fans of minimalistic design and interiors. This holiday home has an entirely glazed ground floor which is responsible for delivering those breathtaking views of the Nova Scotia coast.

Contemporary Design, Minimalist Aesthetic

This glorious looking property was designed to be used by a young family and the Teph Inlet Residence is certainly geared towards rest and relaxation which makes it ideally suited to be a holiday retreat. It is situated beside the ocean in the village of Chester and consists of a two-storey main house and a adjacent guest house unit, which are both cuboid in shape, and face onto a striking, rectangular swimming pool and paved outdoor space for entertaining.

There is a garage at the front of the Teph Inlet Residence from Omar Gandhi Architect which lines up precisely with the pool house further back, and delivers a linear sports area in-between where the family can enjoy a zipline and other action packed outdoor pursuits. The rear terrace of the property is a real sight to behold and consists of everything you’ll need to stay entertained during a holiday retreat here and it is open to the boat-sprinkled harbour beyond, while trees tower over the either side of the otherwise grassy plot.

It is the aforementioned windows and viewing points that really set the Teph Inlet Residence apart from other homes in the area and these are floor-to-ceiling glass panels on the ground floor, which slide open onto the stone deck from the open-plan lounge, dining and kitchen area. Situated on one side of a doglegged staircase, there is a living space which is minimally furnished with pale items that face a white marble fireplace at the end for the ultimate in understated interior design endeavours.

Wooden Wonders

There is a compelling use of wood throughout the interiors of the Teph Inlet Residence which delivers a really relaxing vibe throughout – something essential to a holiday home. The architect behind the project, Omar Gandhi used floating white oak stairs which connect the ground-floor programme with the light-filled upper level through both punched windows and skylights. The second storey of this property consists of a spacious master suite, with a walk-in closet and its own bathroom and a further three bedrooms and two bathrooms which can accommodate plenty of guests. These are connected via a long hallway illuminated by a large window facing the front of the property.

The Teph Inlet Residence is yet another fine example of modern architecture which we’ve been fortunate enough to stumble across here at Coolector HQ and it’s a fine example of the creative talents of Omar Gandhi Architect and the breathtaking surrounds of the Nova Scotia coastline.

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