The Space Explore Kit by Fundamental Design

I don’t think it would be too far wide of the mark to suggest that all of us chaps have at one point or other (and still in our case) wanted to be an astronaut and go on a bit of a jolly in space. Needless to say, given the rarity of acceptance into NASA (and our lack of brilliance in any of the required fields), it remains an unfulfilled pipe dream.

You don’t have to be an astronaut, however, to explore space and when you’ve got top notch bits of kit like this Space Explore Kit by Fundamental Design telling you where to look and how to do it, it’s all the more enjoyable. Space, as they say, may be the final frontier (not if Richard Branson has his way) and there is a certain mystery to outer space which is such an allure to inquisitive chaps but if, like us, a trip to space isn’t on the horizon, you can console yourself with exemplary bits of design like this. Take a look at some images of the Space Explore Kit below:


This smashing little kit, whilst outwardly appearing to be geared towards children, has certainly caught our eye here at The Coolector and we have been bowled over by the exceptional design work that it boasts. The objective of the piece is to allow users to learn more about outer space and constellations through various posters and designs and it has a very camping-esque vibe to it that is particularly cool and impressive. We’re ready to start exploring – first one to find Orion’s Belt wins.

Check out this awesome Space Explore Kit over at Fundamental Design.

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