Spinnaker Wreck Watches

There are some watchmakers out there synonymous with the deep blue sea and Spinnaker are certainly chief amongst them and for any man seeking out a dive watch that doesn’t break the bank, you’ll likely want to turn your attention to these superb looking Spinnaker Wreck Watches. They take their design inspiration from the lines and aesthetics of wooden hulled speedboats and they are built for a life spent beneath the waves.

The Spinnaker Wreck Watches come in a number of different styles and colourways so you’re sure to find a version that tallies with your own style sensibilities. They are aptly designed to be reminiscent of the ships, aircraft, and other relics that wreck-divers would search for and the weathered and time-worn look is immediately noticeable, but it does take skill and considerable care to make something new actually look old. The new Spinnaker Wreck Watches come in four versions, with each one a “wreck” in its own unique way.

Eye-Opening Design

We’re big fans of watches that dare to be visually daring here at Coolector HQ and that’s certainly something which can be applied to these wonderfully striking and robust Spinnaker Wreck Watches. The eye is immediately drawn to the bezel and dial and the weathered wear and tear can certainly fool you into thinking the watch was just fished out of the deep blue sea such is the clever weathered look that it has. The aluminium inserts on the uni-directional bezels are done by hand and abraded, which delivers that faded, gentle scraped look that makes these timepieces so unusual and visually appealing.

The Spinnaker Wreck Watches have dials that are scratched and etched to create the look that they’ve been sitting on the bottom of an ocean floor and fished out of a wreck only yesterday. Needless to say, the dial distressing one these watches has been done by hand, not machine, which means there’s a different identity to each and every Spinnaker Wreck and this is something that serves to add to their appeal still further in our opinion here at The Coolector.

As you would expect from a dive watch, there is a healthy application of lume on the indices, as well as hour and minute hands to make sure it’s still highly legible when you head beneath the waves or in low light conditions. The indices are applied and brushed vertically, and you’ll notice the arrow-shaped hour and minute hands have a strong visual impact as well. And, of course, there are some extremely eye-catching lollipop seconds hands.

Impressive Features

With a water resistance of some 100m and a construction from 316L stainless steel, it’s clear to see that these Spinnaker Wreck Watches take no prisoners in the performance department and they’ll keep pace with any adventure you take them on both on and off dry land. Two of the models are designed to look like steel that has spent years on the ocean floor, while the other two are also done in steel but have a weathered-bronze tone to them.

Spinnaker are synonymous with creating great looking, affordable dive watches and these Wreck timepieces might just be our favourites to date here at Coolector HQ. They are powered by a Seiko NH-35 automatic movement which achieves a weekend-length 42-hour power reserve and they adhere to the brand’s philosophy of being accessible, and all four models are priced at just $280 so they represent fantastic value for money to boot.

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