Buster & Punch Stoned Table Light

Though the name of this cracking piece of lighting from Buster & Punch might make it sound like it’s gone a little OTT on the weed, the Stoned Table Light is actually one of the most striking and painfully cool lamps out there and will add a whole new touch of industrial style sophistication to your workspace.

Buster & Punch are a London based studio and their story began in an East London garage in which they found their desire for crafting the things they love. This included everything from lighting and hardware right through to the other end of the spectrum with custom motorcycles and awesome looking whisky bars. Their emphasis is now on crafting unexpected and sophisticated interior products and the brilliant looking Buster & Punch Stoned Table Lamp is a fine example of this.

Let There Be Light 

Available for pre-order now with expected delivery in June this year, the Buster & Punch Stoned Table Light was born from the brand’s creative director Massimo Minale’s love of LED lighting designs and they decided to craft their own version and, as we’ve come to expect from the London design studio, it is aesthetically unparalleled and stylish in the extreme.

The Buster & Punch Stoned Table Light has a decidedly understated design that will bring a sense of simplicity and industrial edge to your workspace and it houses one of the brands eye-catching lightbulbs for which they are perhaps best known. This excellent piece of lighting will illuminate your workspace, coffee table or side table in style and we’re mighty impressed with the visual impact it delivers on top of bringing a warming glow to any area in which it is deployed.

If you’ve got a love of industrial style furniture design this fantastic Stoned Table Light from Buster & Punch will definitely be right up your street and it is designed to be a combination of robust, durable materials and inspired by London fashion styling and trailblazing technology but not forgetting simpler times with its graceful, understated aesthetic.

Ambient Excellence

The warming, ambient light delivered by this exceptional piece of design from Buster & Punch is more the sort that you relax to than work to and you’ll love the sense of serenity this cracking piece of lighting delivers to any space with a glow largely reminiscent of candle light.

Constructed from a tall resin light pipe which has been appended to a stunning, hand-blown glass shell standing out from a stone base, the Buster & Punch Stoned Table Light is available in either polished white marble or honed black granite.  A truly stylish and sophisticated piece of industrial design which would look great wherever you choose to position it.

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