SplitGrain Lamps

Finding the right pieces to complete an interior design project is one of the hardest parts and a particularly irksome area to get right is invariably that of lighting. That being said, however, there are occasions when you come across home accessories that are simply too good to be ignored and that’s exactly the scenario we find ourselves in with these superb looking SplitGrain Lamps.

These magnificent looking constructs are the brainchild of American designer and craftsman, Paul Foeckler, who has come up with one of the most striking lighting solutions that we’ve come across here at Coolector HQ. These SplitGrain Lamps are not only aesthetically superior, they will add a real touch of class and mood lighting to any room in which they are deployed.

The SplitGrain Lamps come in a number of different shapes, sizes and materials but they all boast an unparalleled visual appeal that comes from the fact they have bursts of light eeking through natural looking pieces of wood. Take a look at a few more shots below:






If you’ve got a natural, woodland feel to your interior design endeavours and have been looking for the ideal piece of lighting to compliment these visuals then you can likely call of the search now you’ve discovered these awesome looking SplitGrain Lamps. Fantastically well made and boasting an unrivaled visual appeal, there is little doubting these will look the part in any home or office.

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