Städler Made Outdoor Pizza Oven

It’s fair to say that our obsession with craft beer here at Coolector HQ is rivalled in the food department with our constant preoccupation with pizza and seldom does a day go by that we’re not chowing down on some tasty pizza or other. There is, however, a certain sense of satisfaction to be had from crafted your own delicious pizzas and it’s for that reason we’ve had our heads more than a little turned by this ace looking Städler Made Outdoor Pizza Oven which is funding over on Kickstarter as we speak.

The Städler Made Outdoor Pizza Oven lets you experience the unrivalled enjoyment that comes from working with food and fire and, most importantly in our opinion here at The Coolector, provides the tools to bake mouth-watering wood-fired pizza in your very own backyard – with summer right around the corner, who wouldn’t want this cracking piece of design in their lives?

When the Moon Hits Your Eye

Cooking on an open flame, be it a BBQ or pizza oven like this, invariably produces better results in the taste department and if you’re just as obsessed with delicious pizza as we are here at Coolector HQ, safe to say you’re definitely going to want to get your hands on one of these amazing Städler Made Outdoor Pizza Ovens. Netherlands based Städler Made ship their design in separate parts and it can be easily assembled in your back garden with no need for tools which means you’ll be cooking up a pizza storm in no time this summer.

It isn’t just pizzas, of course, that you can use the Städler Made Oven for (though that would likely be 99% of the reason we’d use it here at Coolector HQ) as it is just as adept at cooking all sorts of foods including fish, vegetables and an array of meats. It is the robust, industrial looking design that we’re really loving and these amazing ovens are capable of reaching temperatures of 400C and include two baking stones at the top of the oven which absorb this heat and then transfer it through to whatever food it is you’re cooking.

Simple to set up and use, you just need to put a small amount of kindling inside the Städler Made Outdoor Pizza Oven and once it gets going, gradually add bigger pieces of wood to maintain the flames and then you’re good to go on the pizza baking front. The oven itself is made from 3mm thick corten steel sheets and this material is made for the outdoors and will rust naturally and add another level of aesthetic appeal to the oven which significantly enhances its industrial look and feel.

Cook Out

Summer is the perfect time to cook in the great outdoors and, if it were up to us, we’d be eating pizza every single day. If you’re of a similar mindset, there is still plenty of time to get behind this awesome Kickstarter campaign and bag yourself a Städler Made Outdoor Pizza Oven for a bargain price.

We’re loving the visuals of this design but it is the performance that is all important and it certainly doesn’t disappoint here either. The ease of assembly coupled with the versatility and functionality on offer makes this a must have for any man who loves to cook in the outdoors and we’re hoping to see one of these cracking ovens residing outside Coolector HQ sooner rather than later.

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