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Truth be told, I think we’d agree to do anything a piece of paper said if it was signed off with a stamp of Ron Swanson’s face and it is for that reason then that we are hoping to get our hands on some of these brilliant looking products from Stamp Yo Face which will let us add a Swanson stamp to anything of which we thoroughly approve – it will be The Coolector / Swanson Seal of Approval if you will.

The good news doesn’t stop there, however, with Stamp Yo Face because if, for some inexplicable reason, you’d rather have your own face as your stamp instead of Swanson’s, Stamp Yo Face have got you covered and let you provide a photo to use which they’ll then turn into one of their awesome looking stamps.

Stamp Yo Face are only in their infancy having launched in early February but we’re definitely eagerly anticipating the new faces they add to the site over the coming months and fully intend on getting our hands on the Swanson stamp because, quite frankly, I don’t think we could possibly live without it. You can check out a few more of their stamps below:





These aren’t your typical run of the mill stamps, they have been hand drawn by the illustrative pair behind Stamp Yo Face, Kevin and Hannah, and the finished results are decidedly spiffing indeed and whether it’s Swanson or Prince who has caught your eye or if you want your own mug, Stamp Yo Face have more than got you covered.

Price: $65+

Available: Stamp Yo Face

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