Stamptitude ALUMA Magnetic Wax Seal

Back in the day (the day being the 13th century), wax seals were first used regularly and really were all the rage and were used to confirm the authenticity of documents for the most part and whilst we don’t need them for the same reasons today, there’s little doubting they add more than a touch of visual pizzaz to a letter and that’s why we’ve definitely had our heads turned by this cracking Stamptitude ALUMA Magnetic Wax Seal which is funding over on Kickstarter right now.

The ALUMA Magnetic Wax Seal from Stamptitude is a world’s first of its kind and is the only magnetic device on the market right now that lets you simply and quickly change the seals that you’re using. It gives an age-old device a thoroughly contemporary twist and we’re in little doubt that there will be no shortage of stationery lovers excited about the prospects and capabilities of this super cool little workspace accessory.

Magnetic Appeal

Boasting an innovative and intuitive design, the ALUMA from Stamptitude is the first wax seal of its kind in the world to offer an eye-catching, revolutionary magnetic fitting that delivers the ability to switch rapidly and effortlessly between multiple engraved stamp head designs. This might not sound like a game changer but you’ll soon be won over by the real functionality and versatility that this delivers and for those with a love of stationery and adding a touch of class to their letters, you’ll be in your element with this superb little accessory.

The Stamptitude ALUMA Magnetic Wax Seal has an extremely striking and highly distinctive body which has been machined from solid pieces of aluminium for a super cool, industrial looking aesthetic. The stainless steel ring also acts as a visually engaging focal point to the design and delivers a robust and versatile housing for the strong neodymium magnet which you will find encased within. If you take pride in the letters that you send and want an engaging means of quickly changing you wax seals regularly, this Kickstarter campaign is definitely the one for you.

A wax seal today is all about adding a real personal touch to proceedings and they are extremely popular amongst designers, stationery lovers and those operating in creative industries. If that sounds like you, then you simply won’t find a more versatile solution for all your sealing requirements than this superbly conceived offering from the guys at Stampitude. It’s easy to see why this first rate accessory has already surpassed its funding target on Kickstarter because it’s just about as functional and well designed as it gets.

Solving a Common Problem in Style

Anyone who regularly uses wax seals will know that you are limited to the seal on the end of the stamper and this is a problem that the ALUMA solves in style. With its detachable, magnetic seal, you can change your designs as regularly as you like without having to buy a new stamp each time and, we’re sure you’ll agree, that’s something that we can all get on board with. With a minimal, understated aesthetic, this excellent little accessory will sit perfectly in any creative workspace and always be on hand when there’s a letter to be sealed.

Kickstarter is a veritable hotbed of cool design projects and this ALUMA Magnetic Wax Seal from Stamptitude is one of the coolest we’ve encountered in a while here at Coolector HQ. If you love the look of the design and want a much more versatile and user friendly means of changing your seals as often as you’d like then you really need look no further.

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