DemerBox Indestructible Boombox

For those who love listening to their tunes in the great outdoors and on camping adventures and don’t want to worry about damaging their tech, you’re going to want to opt for something that boasts robustness to its very core and, for that, you need look no further than this DemerBox Indestructible Boombox which basically does exactly what it says on the tin – delivers your tunes and is more or less impossible to destroy.

The DemerBox Indestructible Boombox has stood up to shotguns, an ice-fishing adventure and a mini tank so you can rest assured that anything you’re likely to subject it to will be a veritable walk in the park for it. The main selling point of this cracking piece of tech is just how uncompromising and durable it is so it’s not the sort of audio device that you’ll use to ramp up the aesthetic appeal of your home but is the first one you’ll grab when heading out into the wild.

Strong As It Gets

Each one of these DemerBox Indestructible Boomboxes is hand built in the USA and has a 50 hour battery life and even has the capacity to charge your other devices so may well be your new best friend when you head out on camping trips. Storing your EDC when going on a camping trip or day trip into the wild can be a bit of an issue but no longer courtesy of the DemerBox which has space within its casing for your essentials like phones, wallets and keys.

Boasting crisp highs and punchy bass the sound game is strong with the DemerBox Indestructible Boombox and it won’t let you down when you want to listen to your favourite tunes out in the wild. With an additional port plug which can make the device completely waterproof, you won’t need to worry about the device when heading out onto water because it will survive any submerging in water such as lakes, rivers and oceans.

A 100ft BlueTooth range makes this a highly versatile and functional audio device for outdoor adventures and we’re big fans of the robust, uncompromising exterior of the DemerBox here at Coolector HQ. It is a speaker that is lightweight and portable enough for everyday usage and robust enough for any outdoor adventure that you can think of. There will be a lot of people out there seeking the perfect partner for their outdoor music listening requirements and this is surely it.

First Class Performance

Combining resilience with excellent audio performance, the DemerBox Indestructible Boombox is going to find an eager audience of camping fans looking to snap it up for their next trip out into the great outdoors. Expertly conceived and crafted, the quality on offer here is mighty impressive and if you know an adventurous soul on the hunt for a new set of speakers this Christmas, look no further than the DemerBox.

Great to look at and with a real stand out performance, it’s easy to see why people are impressed with the robust nature of these DemerBox Indestructible Boomboxes and you can see its quality immediately. You need an audio device that will perform in the most unwelcoming of conditions when heading out on wilderness adventures and you’ll find few candidates better for this particular job than that of DemerBox.

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