Stanley Classic Vacuum Growler

We’re very much in a craft beer frame of mind here at Coolector HQ and resultantly have been on the lookout for some awesomeness relating to it which brings us rather nicely to these great looking Stanley Classic Vacuum Growler that will serve as the perfect receptacle for all your craft ale requirements.

With sufficient space for no less than 64oz of your favourite craft ale, the Stanley Classic Vacuum Growler both looks the part and won’t let you down from a performance point of view either.

Rugged, functional and versatile, this cracking piece of camping apparatus will definitely tick all the right boxes of beer lovers out there and we’re definitely going to be packing one away next time we head into the wild. Check out a few more shots of this top notch accessory below:






Available in a number of different colours, this robust receptacle for your craft beers from Stanley is right up our street here at Coolector HQ and if you’re planning any libation filled camping trips in 2016 then you’ll likely want to have a fair few of these stowed away for the trip.

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