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Every once in a while you come across some pieces of artwork that you simply have to have hanging on your wall and one of those moments has just transpired for us here at Coolector headquarters now that we’ve just stumbled across the incredibly awesome set of prints from a ridiculously talented fellow who goes by the name of Dave Pollot and who might just be our new favourite artist.

I think we can all agree that the art world can take itself a little too seriously at times and that’s something which Pollot aims to lampoon with his superb series of artwork which are skilfully created but boast pop culture references which belies the traditional look and feel of the paintings. Pollot is the, perhaps odd, mix of software engineer and talented artist but he describes himself as equally at home with a beer or paintbrush in his hand and that’s definitely an ethos that resonates with us here at The Coolector – except the paintbrush part, perhaps. You can check out some of his brilliantly conceived paintings below:








These mind blowingly awesome paintings are a co-collaboration with Pollot’s girlfriend, Becca, who has a love of thrift-stores and brings an endless supply of unloved and unwanted artwork for him to work his madcap magic upon and we here at The Coolector love it.

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