StarkBoard Handsfree Smart Electric Skateboard

Electric skateboards are nothing new, of course, but the calibre and characteristics of them are improving all the time and the pinnacle of this might just be the StarkBoard Handsfree Smart Electric Skateboard which might just be the pinnacle of this to date. This cracking bit of kit is a uniquely designed electric board which is entirely controlled by weight and motion sensors.

The brainchild of Stark Motion, this first class steed really has caught our eye here at Coolector HQ and the StarkBoard Handsfree Smart Electric Skateboard is billed as the first of its kind. It boasts highly innovative weight and motion sensors which do a great job of propelling it forward with just a slight tilt of your body. All you need do to get going is step on, lean forward and enjoy the effortlessly cool ride. This handsfree ride lets you master a whole new generation of travel in just a few minutes.

The Future of Mobility

We’re always looking for cool new ways of getting from A to B here at The Coolector and the StarkBoard Handsfree Smart Electric Skateboard might just be one of the coolest we’ve encountered to date. Unlike a lot of similar boards on the market, this one needs no controller as you yourself are the controller and what propels and directs the board, in what is a pretty neat design feature that helps to set it apart from the competition.

The StarkBoard Handsfree Smart Electric Skateboard is completely controlled by your body’s natural movements and driven by a custom gyroscope sensor alongside an array of weight and motions sensors that deliver an impeccable ride every time. Once you accelerate, the speed control monitoring system will then sense all your body movements and continuously assists you while riding.

Built with urban adventures in mind, the StarkBoard Handsfree Smart Electric Skateboard has been carefully crafted to ride effortlessly through your city and overcome every urban obstacle you face. The StarkBoard is up to four times faster than walking and will always be quicker than being sat around in traffic. With top speeds of 20 mph and 12 miles of range on a single battery, it’s hard not to be impressed with the capabilities of this awesome contraption.

Electrifying Style

Undoubtedly one of the coolest means of getting about town, the StarkBoard lets you tackle rough terrains, carry heavy items and handle any obstacle with no worries at all. It comes replete with extra large wheels that boast two powerful hub motors which are responsible for delivering the uncompromising performance of the device and for anyone looking for a cool new means of getting around their city in 2018, this is surely it.

Great innovation coupled with superb design and a real sense of fun to ride make this amazing steed a stand out performer for 2018 and if getting your hands on an electric skateboard is a goal of yours for 2018, you’ll definitely not go too far wrong with this excellent piece of technology from Stark Mobility in Berlin.

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