State Bicycle Co 4130 All-Road Bike in Copper Brown

Give that we’re now heading into Fall, investing in a new bike in a copper brown colourway seems somehow fitting and they simply don’t come any cooler looking or more accomplished than the 4130 All-Road Bike from the guys at State Bicycle Co. This stunning looking steed is one of our favourite releases from the Californian brand to date and if you find yourself in need of a new set of wheels for urban commuting, this one would definitely be a top pick of ours.

The State Bicycle Co 4130 All-Road Bike in Copper Brown has a price tag of $899 and you’re getting an impressive performer for that price that you seldom see for under $1k. The quality of this bike is tangible and its aesthetics are on another level in our opinion so for those who value both style and substance with their bikes, this one is a no-brainer. Billed as State Bicycle Co’s most capable bike ever, you can make it 2-bikes-in-1 by selecting “both” as your wheel set choice and they will send you a 2nd pair of wheels, tires, tubes, rotors, and cassettes for easy back-and-forth switching between 700c / 650b. Win, win.


As is the case with all the releases from State Bicycle Co, this 4130 All-Road Bike is going to leave you mighty impressed with its performance out on the open road and, such is its striking aesthetics, it will likely turn heads every where you go as well. There is a pleasingly vintage vibe to the design of this bike which we’re big fans of and you’ll love riding this through the urban jungle or through backcountry roads at the weekend. All the materials and components are second to none and you’ll know you’re onto a winner the minute you pedal.

State Bicycle Co’s mission is to inspire and foster an enthusiasm for life lived on bikes and this is something that shines through in releases like this 4130 All-Road Bike in Copper Brown ($899.99). From engineering performance to style and everything that they do to for the cycling community and its culture, State Bicycle Co never lose site of why they love to ride – namely, for fun. Consistently delivering that sense of fun while providing true value to their customers has kept them going and growing since 2009 and it’s because of awesome releases like this one that they are so well loved the world over.

The State Bicycle Co 4130 All-Road Bike in Copper Brown is positively overflowing with fantastic design features which includes the 4130 Chromoly Steel with Thru-Axle Dropouts frame (142mm rear spacing) that comes with two water bottle mounts, rear mounts for rack and/or fenders. It has Promax DSK-300R Flat Mount  (Mechanical / 160MM Rotors (6-Bolt) brakes and a State Bicycle Co. All-Road 1 drive train. After a classy new bike for some urban exploration this Fall? You’ve just found a belter.

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