State Bicycle Co Pigeon Bike

Given this period of social distancing and a need to exercise, a bike is an essential bit of kit for most people right now and if you’re in the market for a new one that doesn’t break the bank but does deliver an impressive performance, look no further than the Pigeon Bike from State Bicycle Co. This first class steed is great value for money at just $299 and it provides a great means of keeping fit over the next few months when other types of exercises are likely restricted.

The State Bicycle Co Pigeon Bike ($299) will carry you wherever you want to explore both now and when cities come out of lockdown. The Pigeon is crafted on a robust, no-nonsense steel frame in a high-gloss asphalt gray finish alongside stealthy, all black components and just a touch of red to add a pop of colour to proceedings. The Pigeon is tough, functional and aesthetically superior and, best of all, you can get it all for under $300.

Muted Visuals

There is a pleasing, understated look and feel to the Pigeon Bike from State Bicycle Co and if you like your two wheeled allies to have a touch of class, you’ll be in your element with this cracking new release from the American bike workshop. It is part of their Core-Line fixed gear and single speed range which they are best known for. Made on a hard-wearing steel frame with seat stay rack mounts, eyelet mounts on the fork and cable stops, the Core Line models are as great looking as they are accomplished out on the city roads.

The State Bicycle Co Pigeon Bike ($299) is perfectly suited to day to day use in and around the city and, as with all the bikes from this classy brand, it is made using the finest materials and top of the range craftsmanship. You’ll be amazed by how quick and easy it is to get into your stride on this top notch steed and regardless of your riding style, it will effortlessly adapt to your needs.

Fantastic components, which includes a flip-flop hub that will let you ride fixed gear or freewheel and Cult x Vans ‘waffle pattern” grips that ensure your comfort and that you can ride hassle-free for many years to come. If you want a cool, fun and wonderfully well-built bicycle but don’t yet need something “race-ready”, the Core-Line series from State Bicycle Co is definitely for you.

First Class Specs

Considering you can get your hands on the Pigeon Bike for under $300, it’s hard to fathom just how excellent the components that have gone into its crafting are. It has horizontal dropouts featuring integrated chain-tensioners, and 16T Freewheel and Fixed Gear Cog – which means you can easily ride it fixed gear or single speed.

For anyone looking for a new bike in these times of social distancing, the Pigeon Bike from State Bicycle Co gets our vote here at The Coolector. It has a great aesthetic, rides like a dream and perhaps most pleasingly of all right now lets you get your hands on a high quality bike without shelling out a fortune.

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