Stealth B-52 Bomber Electric Bike

With inherent laziness being something that besets us here at Coolector HQ, an electric bike is always going to be a proposition that appeals and this is especially true when it looks as supremely cool and robust as this Stealth B-52 Bomber Electric Bike.

This spiffing piece of design ramps up electric bikes a notch and, to be brutally honest, such is the capabilities and performance of this stunning steed that it is probably more motorcycle than bike and that’s something to be celebrated. The Stealth B-52 Bomber Electric Bike has an incredible top speed of some 50MPH and a 5.2kW DC brushless engine that drives power (both pedal and electric) through a 9 speed sequential gearbox.

Tackling outdoor terrains will be a doddle with this miraculous machine and if you want a steed that will be perfect for outdoor adventures and work commutes alike, we’d be hard pressed to think of a better choice than this here at Coolector HQ. Take a look at a few more shots below:





Piloting a machine as stealthy and cool as this is going to be as adrenaline soaked as it comes and when you consider the amazing capabilities of the Stealth B-52 Bomber Electric Bike, such as its power and mind-blowing top speed, you’re likely to wonder why you didn’t get your hands on one sooner.

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