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Just because it’s 2017, it doesn’t mean to say we’re going to change our opinions on the sort of watches that we love here at Coolector HQ and, it’s fair to say, we’ve always got a soft spot for robust looking timepieces with an automotive edge and that’s why we’re loving these brilliant looking Steelmont Watches.

Steelmont are a watchmaker that concerns themselves with crafting authentic motoring timepieces that are designed with car and motorcycle enthusiasts in mind and who spend as much time under the hood as they do out on the asphalt. The striking nature of Steelmont Watches certainly makes them stand out from the crowd and there is a great selection to choose from so you’re sure to find a version to suit your own design tastes.

First Rate Design

You can rest assured that you’re getting a superior quality timepiece when it comes to Steelmont because their chief watch designer boasts extensive experience in the sector and has worked for leading brands such as Movado, Fossil, and Geneva Watch Group. The attention to detail within the design is one of the first things that shines through with Steelmont Watches and any man that has a love of the world of auto will be in his element with this cracking selection of timepieces.

As the designs are heavily influenced by the automotive industries, you’re likely to see various features within their construction that alludes to this including the piston‐head inspired profile of the casing to its transmission‐esque crown. Each element of a Steelmont timepiece is completely original. Its reflector ring evokes images of a turbo compressor wheel; the watch face is as hand crafted and carefully put together as the seats of a classic old roadster. And it’s the real care and attention to detail which we’re loving at The Coolector.

Steelmont Watches are available in five different designs currently so you’re definitely going to be able to find a strap time and dial design that is right up your street. For those who love their watches to really turn heads, Steelmont delivers with their robust designs and impeccable craftsmanship.

Special Specifications

The materials used in the construction of Steelmont Watches are mighty impressive and each watch has eye-catching features such as hidden integrated strap construction with an overhanging bezel to accentuate and streamline the case’s profile, brushed silver casing, genuine leather straps, 100m water resistance, a Seiko Instruments TMI VD54 movement and super luminous, aluminium watch hands.

A car lover’s ideal timepiece, these first rate accessories from Steelmont have left us thoroughly impressed here at Coolector HQ both with their bold aesthetics and top notch materials and craftsmanship. For any man that has a love for all things automotive and who is after a new timepiece in 2017, you’re not going to be too far wide of the mark with these excellent watches from Steelmont.

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