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Over the years we’ve seen a fair few new watchmakers being birthed by the crowdfunding platform Kickstarter and whilst many have been a flash in the pan, plenty of others look to have the style, design and performance to last the pace and one such watchmaker that this would seem to apply to is that of Sternglas.

Sternglas Watches are just about as elegant as you can get and their understated nature is very much to our aesthetic leanings here at Coolector HQ. Sternglas have a mission to create affordable, great looking Bauhaus watches and, as you can plainly see, this is an objective that they are already pulling off with some quite considerable aplomb. Their flagship timepiece, called the Zeitmesser, has all the hallmarks of a classic and will look fantastic on the wrist whatever the occasion.

Sophistication in Spades

There is something about minimalist style watches that really strikes a chord with us at The Coolector and Sternglas look to be expert proponents of this type of timepiece. A fine quality watch that boasts high quality sapphire glass which has been made in line with the Bauhaus principles of design. A stylish and delicate offering, these Sternglas Watches don’t have any irritating or ostentatious bells and whistles – something which is all too apparent with many other watchmakers today.

For those with a love of clean lines, shapes and colours, these Sternglas Watches and the first creation, the Zeitmesser, are precise and minimalistic to the maximum. Genuinely stylish and understated, looking like something Don Draper would have adorning his wrist, these timepieces strive to maintain the rich traditions of a classic watch design. For any man after an affordable and effortlessly stylish timepiece for their wrist, you need look no further than Sternglas.

Quality materials abound with these striking timepieces from Sternglas and their Zeitmesser range is available in a number of different strap materials and styles to suit your own particular design and fashion tastes. Regardless of which iteration you opt for, you can rest assured that the best possible materials and specifications will be found within the watch and that’s something to applauded given the affordability of the range.

Material Matters

Available with either leather or Milanese straps and with white or black watch faces, there is plenty of choice with this flagship range of Sternglas Watches and we’re particularly fond of their Black Edition timepieces here at Coolector HQ. There’s no escaping the sophisticated stylings of the watches from this German watchmaker and the devilishly dapper visuals on offer are second to none.

They may have be born on Kickstarter but Sternglas Watches are now flourishing in their own right of the back of the quality of the Bauhaus inspired timepieces that they produce. Great to look at, well crafted and immeasurably stylish, there really is nothing not to like about these exemplary timepieces.

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