Stiff Pipe

Stiff Pipe

Though we’re not smokers here at Coolector HQ, if we were to ever take up the tobacco, I’d like to think our weapon of choice would be a pipe and we’d definitely be partial to the devilishly dapper offerings from the chaps at Stiff Pipes. Their eye-catching offerings are all the more impressive due to the fact that they are the world’s first plastic pipe cast in one piece using polished thermo plastic and a wood briar tobacco chamber.

Stiff herald from Sweden and, in a frightful display of accuracy, claim to be the Scandinavian country’s eleventh pipe maker and, in the view of The Coolector, most be their coolest by far. Pipe smoking is a very regal and traditional pursuit and the objective of Stiff Pipes is to give a modern twist to it and they craft their pipes from high quality, recyclable materials using simple but effective engineering techniques and such is the visual appeal of their wares, it’s almost enough to get us here at Coolector HQ donning our slippers and chugging a pipe.

Available in a variety of different colours and superbly packaged, Stiff Pipes have definitely done an exquisite job with their branding by taking the activity of pipe smoking, which is historically considered an old man’s pursuit, and making it a good deal more contemporary although, to be honest, we here at The Coolector probably shouldn’t be advocating smoking, particularly when we’re not even smokers, but, when it looks this cool, it’s difficult not to be impressed. Check it out below:

orange green box blue bag

You can check out the rest of their offerings over at the, awkwardly named,

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