Stone Honda CX500 Motorcycle

We don’t recall seeing any stone motorbikes in the Flintstones here at Coolector HQ but, if there were, we doubt they were as painfully cool as this extraordinary piece of design – a Stone Honda CX500 Motorcycle – which has been crafted as part of the “Build da Fukker” competition held by Custombike.

German motorbike magazine Custombike regularly hold competitions to produce eye-catching custom motorbikes but it is with their “Build da Fukker” contest that the real stunners come out, as has been proven with this, frankly stunning, Stone Honda CX500 Motorbike which is mind-bogglingly made using concrete.

Stone Cold

Crafted by gearhead, Chris Zernia, this incredible Stone Honda CX500 Motorbike was understandably a finalist in the 2016 competition and the designer aimed to use the most robust material he could think of in its construction – namely, basalt rock which was mined from the Eifel Mountains. Needless to say, this is no lightweight material and after Zernia took delivery of a 1000lb slab of the material, he got to work on crafting it into the stunning contraption you see before you.

The vast majority of the steed is made using the basalt including a hollow fuel tank, side coves, headlight fairing and seat and, it’s fair to say, you’re not likely to see a motorbike of this magnitude every day. Whilst it probably has a top speed of 1PMH given its considerable weight, there’s no denying its aesthetic superiority and we’re loving the bold visuals and unusual design of this impeccable piece of design and craftsmanship here at Coolector HQ.

With a reinforced frame to deal with the additional weight of the stone, you needn’t worry about this Honda buckling under the pressure but its not going to break any land speed records any time soon. Little short of miraculous in terms of the accuracy of the carving and how well it has been accomplished, we’re loving the overall aesthetics of the Stone Honda CX500 Motorbike here at The Coolector.

Heavyweight Design

Whilst we’re not in the least bit knowledgeable about motorbikes here at Coolector HQ, it really is hard not to be impressed with the jaw-dropping look and feel of this breathtaking Stone Honda CX500 Motorbike and whilst it obviously isn’t something that will be commercially available, it really is a feat of design by motorcycle enthusiast, Chris Zernia.

Aesthetically superior with a mesmerising attention to detail, this Stone Honda CX500 Motorbike from Chris Zernia has left us mighty impressed here at The Coolector and we can’t wait to see his entry for this year’s competition.

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