Stormy Monday Cutter Server

In the midst of barbecue season as we are, there is a lot of chopping and dicing going on around Coolector HQ and, truth be told, we’ve not got a chopping board befitting of the amount of activity going down in the kitchen but that could be about to change now that we’ve stumbled across one of the best looking and most functional out there in the form of this cracking Stormy Monday Cutter Server.

Stormy Monday is a California based purveyor of wooden goods and denim wares and this fantastic cutting board immediately caught our eye here at The Coolector. The rugged and striking Stormy Monday Cutter Server is hewed from solid American hardwood and hand-sealed and branded and all made in the USA. The materials are reclaimed hardwood which provides a striking visual appeal and each one made will have subtle differences from the last so there will be no two quite the same.

If you spend a lot of time in the kitchen and want a new best friend in there that looks dapper in the extreme and is crafted in the right way, this first rate Stormy Monday Cutter Server definitely won’t disappoint. We’re big fans of the aesthetic of this robust piece of kitchenware and Stormy Monday’s ethos towards crafting first rate goods. Kudos chaps.

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