X-Wing Vs TIE-Fighter screen prints

We’ve seen a lot of Star Wars artwork in our time here at Coolector HQ but, truth be told, few pieces have left us quite as taken aback as this supremely impressive collection of X-Wing Vs. TIE-Fighter screen prints from Sheffield based graphic designer and illustrator, Chris Skinner.

This cracking series of Star Wars artwork are (or perhaps I should say were, as they are now seemingly sold out) limited edition offerings and entails three separate prints chronicling a battle between two of the most iconic machines in the Star Wars universe – namely a X-Wing and a TIE-Fighter.

The detail that Skinner has integrated into his prints is fantastic and we here at The Coolector, with our less than subtle love of Star Wars, have fallen mightily hard for these striking black and white prints. Skinner is a highly accomplished designer who has worked more or less across the gamut in the design world but, quite frankly, we think he should be dedicating his time to crafting more of this incredible Star Wars artwork and you can see why we’ve been left so thoroughly impressed below:

skinner 2



Needless to say, if you’re a fan of Star Wars then you will likely have fallen pretty hard for these excellent looking prints which makes it all the more galling that they’re currently sold out. But, fear not, Chris Skinner seems to be the prolific sort so hopefully he’ll have plenty more artwork awesomeness for us to enjoy before too long.

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