Street Map Pint Glasses

There are few things that can top a nice pint of craft ale all year round and, if like us, you like to add to the awesomeness of your ales in as many ways as possible, you’ll want to take heed of these decidedly excellent looking Street Map Pint Glasses from Uncommon Green.

If you’re a particularly geographically loyal boozehound and want a way of exhibiting this loyalty, a pint glass bearing the streets of your home town is a pretty legit way to go about it. Uncommon Green are a Boston based purveyor of all sorts of top notch glassware but it is, almost inevitably, their pint glasses that first garnered our attention here at Coolector HQ.

Whilst we’re staunchly beer lovers at The Coolector, we know there are plenty out there who prefer spirits as their tipple so you’ll be pleased to hear Uncommon Green also boast an excellent selection of tumblers for your whisky, rum, vodka or other spirit requirements. Each of these eye-catching pieces of glassware has the town’s map lines etched directly onto the glass and this provides a pretty cool looking finished product. There are plenty of cities available with the likelihood that plenty more will  be added in the future. Check out a few of the best below:




If you’re a bit of a boozer and you’re looking for tip top new glassware, you’ll not likely find many better than these brilliant Street Map Pint Glasses and Glassware from Uncommon Green. We drink more than our fair share of pints at Coolector HQ and we’re very much on board for having our own London themed pint glass.

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