The Strop by ShaveFace

Though we’re not overly regular shavers here at Coolector, it always pays to keep abreast of great little shaving accessories that will help keep the beard in trim and, in our opinion, said accessories should have something about them and be stylish in their own right which is something which is certainly true of The Strop by ShaveFace.

But what is a strop we hear you say? Good question and one we didn’t know the answer to either. Essentially, a strop helps keep your straight edge razor in tip tip condition and this one from ShaveFace is a good deal more striking than most. But there is something a little more unusual behind The Strop from Shaveface – namely, the fact that it has been designed with disposable razors in mind because, let’s face it, that’s what most men will use nowadays.

This cool little accessory will help to keep your blades aligned and in great condition and provides a means for porting your razor around whilst travelling. You can check out a few more shots of The Strop by ShaveFace below:





Made in the USA from high quality, american-made raw denim and premium leather, it is clearly a highly attractive accessory and one that any chap who is serious about his shaving will obviously appreciate. The Strop from ShaveFace is said to help get 3-5 times more usage out of your razors which makes it a jolly good egg in our book here at Coolector HQ.

Price: $38

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