Studio North Dream / Dive Platform

Whenever the summer arrives attention invariably drifts to the great outdoors and, in on the warmer days in particular, a touch of outdoor swimming and that’s why this fantastic piece of design called the Dream / Dive Platform from Studio North has well and truly captured our imagination here at Coolector HQ.

The Dream / Dive Platform from Studio North is an understated, well-crafted piece of design that adds a touch of class to your swallow dives into your local lake or river and for those of you that had a childhood filled with jumping into any water you could find, this cracking construct will patently be right up your street.

Dive Right In

Diving into lakes and rivers, be it from a rope swing or just the banks on the shoreline is one of the few simple pleasures in life but it just got knocked up a notch or two courtesy of this awesome looking Studio North Dream / Dive Platform. This superb piece of design was a collaborative weekend project at the family cottage of the studio responsible for it and, it’s fair to say, it is one mighty impressive piece of craftsmanship indeed which doubtlessly led to hours of fun that weekend.

Situated on Bobs Lake, Ontario, Canada, there can be few more eye-catching backdrops for a springboard of this nature and it provides plenty of scope for enhancing your own water diving skills. With a fairly simple design, it’s left to the aesthetics to really make this piece stand out and we’d definitely love to have a] a lake to jump into and b] one of these spiffing Studio North Dream / Dive Platforms this summer.

Spending time in the great outdoors, experiencing adventures aplenty is a must in the summer and with cracking constructs like this Studio North Dream / Dive Platform out there, this gets a whole lot easier. Crafted from salvaged materials and supplemented with 2×4’s from a local hardware store, this is something that anyone remotely handy (that excludes us then) could build themselves.

Versatile Structure

The Dream / Dive Platform from Studio North is stripped down to its bare essentials and has just two fundamental functions – namely, sleeping and play. It boasts a unstated waxed canvas cover which is unrolled over the hut for when the weather takes a turn for the worse which means its a perfect shelter in a down pouring of rain and you can resume your diving fun when the sun comes out again.

A great example of what can be accomplished with readily available tools and materials, the North Studio Dream / Dive Platform has left us mighty impressed here at Coolector HQ and though we’re unlikely to have the time or the requisite skills to build one ourselves this summer, we’ll still hopefully be able to perfect our diving elsewhere!

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