Fool’s Paradise Bane Vinyl Figurine

It’s fair to say that of all the Christopher Nolan Batman movie bad guys, the Tom Hardy character, Bane, was one that lives longest in the memory and if he was your favourite caped crusader nemesis as well then you’ll likely be just as impressed as us here at Coolector HQ with this amazing looking Fool’s Paradise Bane Vinyl Figurine and if you’re looking for some eye-catching paraphernalia to bring your workspace to life, this is surely it.

Bane is a character that is hard to forget and this amazing piece of design from Fool’s Paradise, a Hong Kong based purveyor of amazing vinyl figurines, is definitely going to make the character even more memorable with its playful design and exceptional attention to detail. Supremely well crafted with a touch of tongue in cheek humour, this phenomenal Fool’s Paradise Bane Vinyl Figurine is definitely going to resonate with collectors and batman fans everywhere.

Speak of the Devil and he Shall Appear

Whilst the Bane character in Dark Knight Rises was an unquestionably menacing persona, this top notch vinyl figurine from Fool’s Paradise is decidedly more playful and comes holding an ice-cream and awaiting a go on a toy car. We’re loving the tongue in cheek design of this amazing Batman figurine and all of the work from Fool’s Paradise follows in a similar vein to leave you with a highly unusual, distinctive and comical piece that will certainly bring a new lease of life to your workspace.

With such a funny design, this Bane Vinyl Figurine from Fool’s Paradise may not appeal to serious collectors of Batman merchandise perhaps but if you’re a fan of quirky, exceptionally well made goods, this is going to be right up your street. Available for order now and costing just shy of $300, this top class construct will be limited to just 398 pieces world wide so if you count yourself amongst the Bane aficionados of the world, you’ll need to move quickly to get your hands on one of these visually superior designs.

The Fool’s Paradise Bane Vinyl Figurine will be shipping in the 3rd quarter of 2017 and measures around 33cm in height so isn’t an understated piece and will be a real focal point wherever you choose to display it. It is made from vinyl, PVC, ABS, Resin and various fabrics and provides an unparalleled visual impact courtesy of the mighty impressive attention to detail that has gone into every element of its construction.

Bane Game

As big fans of the Nolan Batman movies here at Coolector HQ and, indeed, of quirky pieces of design, this fantastic piece of craftsmanship from Fool’s Paradise was always going to appeal to our sensibilities but we’re pretty sure there will be plenty of other Batman fans out there falling over themselves to get their hands on one as well.

Superbly well conceived and designed, the Fool’s Paradise Bane Vinyl Figurine is in incredibly short supply and won’t be hanging around on shelves for long so if you’ve liked what you’ve seen, which its impossible not to if we’re being honest, you know what you need to do.

Price: $295

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