Studio Proper M-Lock iPhone Mount

With the dawn of the app, our phones became eminently more useful to the point whereby we can seldom do without them for even a few minutes and this is something that cyclists will be aware of and a lack of suitable options for utilising smartphones whilst on the move was extremely apparent but this could have been remedied by Studio Proper and their awesome looking M-Lock iPhone Mount for bicycles.

This impressive looking device takes the common problem of ineffectual technology mounts and thoroughly solves it through design ingenuity to create an excellent looking, sturdy and functional mount for your iPhone whilst taking your bike out for a spin. The mount is machined from solid aluminium and is both extremely lightweight and durable so as not to let you down from a portability or performance point of view.

The M-Lock iPhone Bike Mount from Studio Proper is certainly a device that we can get on board with at Coolector HQ and for any other cyclists who want to be able to use their smartphones whilst cycling without having to worry about it falling off and being damaged, this creation will be somewhat of a godsend. It uses strong embedded Neodymium magnets to hold your M Lock™ iPhone Case, keeping it front and centre and optimally angled throughout your journey – check out some shots of the M-Lock in action below:






We’re, admittedly, somewhat of fair weather cyclists here at Coolector HQ but it is excellent bits of gadgetry like the M-Lock from Studio Proper that helps to compel us back into the saddle and these superbly designed and highly durable offering will open a whole new world of smartphone use to cyclists when it is released next month.

The aircraft grade aluminium is robust and hard-wearing so it will withstand all the bumps and scrapes that you’ll likely put it through and it is extremely easy to install onto your bike so you’ll have it up and running in no time. A welcome addition to the cycling accessory market and one we can’t wait to check out for ourselves with its imminent release.

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