SwitchPod Handheld Tripod

Finding the ideal accessories to help with your photography or film making endeavours isn’t always easy but if you spend long enough on Kickstarter chances are the perfect one will fall into your lap – and so it has proven with the superb looking SwitchPod Handheld Tripod. This fantastic looking accessory is billed as a minimal, versatile offering which works with any camera, from a phone to a DSLR, and really simplifies video making. If you’re a vlogger, for example, you’re definitely going to want to get your hands on one of these.


The SwitchPod Handheld Tripod on Kickstarter is available for the bargain price of just $79 during the campaign and the beauty of the device lies in the fact it lets you switch between the handheld and to tripod modes (and back again) in seconds. Filming yourself isn’t always straightforward. You’re often on the go with tons of people looking at you while you hold a camera in your face. You’re probably used to the weird looks and eye rolls by now but don’t you wish your handheld tripod wasn’t so clunky? Well, say hello to the SwitchPod Handheld Tripod.

Streamline Your Video Creation

Incredibly well designed, the SwitchPod Handheld Tripod on Kickstarter is lightweight, compact, and nigh-on indestructible. It will save you time between shots so you can put more emphasis on shooting and less on messing around with your gear. This first class device works with any camera which means there will be no more fussing with tripod mounting plates. SwitchPod’s embedded 1/4-20″ standard tripod screw and tightening knob will help you attach any camera in seconds and recording in no time at all.

The SwitchPod Handheld Tripod on Kickstarter ($79) opens and closes quickly which allows you to effortlessly move from shot to shot and waste no time in the setting up process. The use of magnets helps to keep the legs collapsed together while in vlogging mode, but are gentle enough that, with the flick of your wrist, you can easily switch the device back to tripod mode. It is ergonomically designed and has finger grooves that let you to grip the SwitchPod at your comfort level anywhere along the neck. If your camera is heavy, choke up. If it’s light, slide it down – it’s as simple as that.

Incredibly portable, it’s easy to take the SwitchPod Handheld Tripod on any adventure be it urban or wilderness in nature and it will fit into any style of camera bag. Despite the lightweight design, the SwitchPod is incredibly hardwearing and strong because it is crafted from an aluminium alloy, not the plastic you typically see with these sort of camera accessories. It will support a heavy camera, lens, microphone, and more without breaking or slowly collapsing.

Versatile Design 

The beauty of the SwitchPod Handheld Tripod comes from the fact that it offers such a versatile performance and you can add your own quick release plates or ball heads. If you have a bunch of tripods with the same quick release adapters you can modify the SwitchPod by adding your own quick release plate. Need a ball head? You can add that too. It’s this level of functionality and versatility that really sets it apart from the competition and it’s not hard to see why it is proving so immensely popular over on Kickstarter.

Available for under $100, this will be the ideal addition to the EDC line up of those who make videos on a daily basis such as vloggers. Brilliantly designed, lightweight yet robust, the SwitchPod Handheld Tripod might just revolutionise the way people make their content in 2019 and it’s certainly left us thoroughly impressed here at The Coolector.

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