SYE MOT1ON Watches

Automotive inspired timepieces are very much to our tastes here at Coolector HQ so you want be surprised to hear we’ve fallen pretty hard for the MOT1ON series of watches from SYE (which stands for Start Your Engine). This classy collection of timepieces from French watchmakers, SYE, will add a real touch of style to your wrist this summer and we’re loving the bold design of these high calibre watches. Customers can pick their own number from the limited edition release (based on chronological ranking) so it will be unique to you.

The MOT1ON Series of watches from SYE are hitting the watchmaker’s digital shelves soon and excitement is already high surrounding these majestic looking timepieces here at The Coolector. Designed to bring Sports Tailoring to your wrist, this exclusive style is a heady combination of refined and dynamic. This motoring inspired collection of watches has its own unique personality that will turn heads aplenty everywhere you go and have everyone asking where you got your watch from. Pre-orders for this exquisite timepiece kick off on the 28th May where you can get your hands on it for a jaw-dropping price of just €499 which is some 40% off the intended final retail price.

Engines at the Ready

It was SYE’s desire to design an exclusive, high quality timepiece which led to the birth of MOT1ON collection. These watches combines a high-quality leather strap with a contemporary steel body in an innovative, eye-catching design that it’s hard not to fall for. If you like your timepieces understated, refined and exceptionally well crafted then the MOT1ON series is certainly for you.

Set within refined and sophisticated etched lines, which are similar to a beautifully designed engine block, beats the heart of the SYE MOT1ON watches. Namely, the Automatic Twenty-Four mechanical automatic movement while the MOT1ON Chronograph combines quartz precision with a familiar mechanical tick. Your getting an awful lot of bang for your buck with these impeccable looking watches from SYE and it’s not hard to see why those in horology circles are already sitting up and taking notice of this debut release from the French watchmaker.

The quality of the craftsmanship with the MOT1ON series is plain to see right from the get go and these watches boast a solid stainless steel body which is made up of five mechanical components to fill it with sophistication, elegance and no shortage of character. For the ideal view of the dial, MOT1ON watches are protected by scratch-resistant sapphire crystal with an anti-reflective coating which make these some of the most adventure ready watches on the market and well worthy of your investment.

Straps on Another Level

Straps are one of the most important design elements of watches in our opinion here at The Coolector and SYE have taken the quality to a whole new level with their MOT1ON Collection. These watches have amongst the most sophisticated straps in the world and are crafted from soft, supple leather which will acquire a beautiful patina over time and tell a tell of the adventures you’ve taken your watch on.

Not only do these straps look great, they are also extremely easy to effortlessly swap out courtesy of SYE’s Fastback System. This is a central screw and a hubcap-style back which will let you switch out your strap with ease. With a few simple twists of a tool, you can remove the back, change the strap, and you’re good to go. That’s the sort of versatility we can definitely get on board with here at Coolector HQ. After an eye-catching, supremely cool timepiece for your wrist this summer? Make sure you don’t miss out on the launch of MOT1ON from SYE Watches.

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