5 of the Best Polo Shirts for under £100; Sunspel Vs The Rest

Our summer wardrobe is at the forefront of our thinking right now here at Coolector HQ and, we don’t know about you, but we’re planning on adding a fair few polo shirts to our outfit choices over the next few months. Luckily, there is certainly no shortage of polo shirt purveyors to pick from and, in fact, the most difficult part is often narrowing it down to just a handful that come in at under the £100 mark.

Well, you’re in luck because we’ve compared the polo shirts from the likes of Sunspel, Niccolò P. and Ralph Lauren to come up with our pick of 5 of the best polo shirts for under £100 based on the various features and benefits. Need a new polo (or two) this summer? Read on…

Up First….Sunspel:

Sunspel are a brand synonymous with polo shirts and they have a pretty good line up to choose from in our opinion here at Coolector HQ. Their polos are usually priced around the £80 mark and are crafted from a long staple cotton for a good level of comfort. The features to be aware of with Sunspel polos include plastic buttons, self fabric stand collar and standard overlock seam. If you appreciate minimalism, the lack of branding on these polos from Sunspel is something that will be sure to appeal.

Up Next…Niccolò P.:

Without wishing to sound biased, if we had to choose one polo from this list here at The Coolector, we’d definitely lean towards these stunners from Niccolò P. The reason why we’re of this mindset is due to the immense quality these polos possess in relation to the other offerings from Sunspel et al – especially give the sub-£100 price tag.

Perhaps the biggest advantage these Niccolò P. polos have over the competition is the fact they are crafted from Egyptian cotton which delivers comfort which is beyond compare. Another neat touch for these polos is the Australian Mother of Pearl Buttons which, compared to the likes of Sunspel’s and Ralph Lauren’s plastic ones provides these polos with a tangible sense of class and elegance. The Niccolò P. polos really are of an exemplary quality courtesy of their fabric knitted in Italy before being made in Portugal. If quality and value for money are your two main criterion for a polo, look no further than Niccolò P.

An Old Favourite…Ralph Lauren:

Let’s face it, most of us will have owned a Ralph Lauren polo shirt in our time and they are somewhat of an old faithful in that regard. Whilst they don’t have the same quality materials as the polos from Niccolò P. they make up for this in brand recognition and sheer wealth of options to choose from. The cotton construction is pretty standard for polos in this sub-£100 price bracket (which makes Niccolò P.’s Egyptian cotton all the more impressive to be honest) and the Ralph Lauren polo shirt again comes with plastic buttons and typically imported so far as their manufacture is concerned. A classic for sure but there may be better options out there for the price tag.

Born in the USA…James Perse:

Another minimalist offering that comes in under the £100 price tag, these James Perse Polo Shirts are understated and stylish. Again, the quality is great but still not quite up there with our stand out performer so far, Niccolò P. The polo shirts from James Perse come in an array of muted colourways and you’re sure to find one that fits in with your summer wardrobe rotation. Made from Supima cotton which, again, doesn’t come close to the Egyptian cotton comfort of Niccolò P., these classy looking polos from James Perse will be a welcome addition to any man’s summer wardrobe lineup.

A Bond Favourite…John Smedley:

Given the seal of approval by James Bond himself, Mr Sean Connery, the John Smedley Polo Shirts are a world-wide favourite and have plenty of cool features to set them apart. Boasting a great fit, first class comfort and rich colours; John Smedley short-sleeved men’s polo shirts are one of the most popular garments year-round for any modern man. Again, not quite keeping pace with the quality of the polos from Niccolò P. but with some excellent features of their own, it’s easy to see why their a favourite for many men out there. These polos are designed and manufactured in Britain in John Smedley’s beautiful, original, factory in Lea Mills, Derbyshire and this gives a tangible sense of quality.

The Verdict…

Whilst all these polos have definitely got their own benefits and advantages, there can only be one winner for the best men’s polo shirt under £100 and it’s that of – drumroll pleaseNiccolò P. Based upon the quality of the materials and level of comfort and style, it made it an easy choice in the end so if you’re after some new high quality polo shirts for your summer wardrobe rotation, look no further.

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